About San

Cook With San is all about making “Everyday Yummylicious”  with easy, quick and restaurant style recipes.

It’s said; sometimes it takes a lifetime to understand your actual passion! It was the same in my case too, but fortunately I understood it before it was too late.

-The biggest joy in life for me is the joy that comes with the experience of cooking food!

About San

Hey there! I am Santosh, the cook and photographer behind this blog! Feels so happy you’re here! Born in Hyderabad and brought up in Maharasthra, a reason to like different cuisines.

 My mom is an amazing cook and while being in Maharashtra, she was impacted by the food around which was Maharastrian and Gujarathi.

Hobby turned into Passion

During school days, I used to help mom in the kitchen but at never expected that hobby would turn into passion.

I still remember, on Sundays mom used to be busy in the kitchen and I used to make note of the recipes from Sanjeev Kapoor’s cooking show Khana Khazana.

Summer holidays or during festivals, most of my time was spent in the kitchen.

  • Frying the pooris, roasting the chapatis. Later used to knead the dough myself.
  • Shankarpali: With a knife, make diamond shapes and deep fry the diamond shaped shankarpali.
  • Karanji: Placing the stuffing, sealing it properly and press the edges with a fork. Later got grip on pinching & pleating the pressed edges.

Best part was, I had knowledge of spices and basics of cooking process.


Can do all the above and many more all by myself and to perfection. I guess only because of passion, I kept on learning the never ending cooking journey and was able to reach perfection though I do not have any formal culinary training.

The cooking journey was learning from different sources; Youtube, Facebook foodie groups and websites. Also, I eye on making process whenever possible at restaurants and dhabas. Various sources helped me understand different types of cooking, combination of spices, specific time of cooking for best results, tips and tricks etc.

Only learning was enough, because only Practice makes one Perfect. So, I experimented with all my learning. In the start, few dishes ended in dust bin but most of the dishes were appreciated by family members. One of the best comments was, you can surely start food business which boosted my confidence level.

Reason to start the blog

Cooking for others makes me happier. Most of my friends and family members suggested me to start Youtube videos long back. But as it was a starting stage, I lacked confidence and there was lot more to learn and practice before making it public.

I like to share photos of whatever I cook on social media; mainly Facebook foodie groups and Instagram. As usual comments were appreciations and recipe request. The recipe shared was tried and people who tried were happy with the outcome. This added my confidence to start blog and document all the recipes. The recipes shared here are only after tried and test multiple times.

More about Recipes

In today’s busy lifestyle, one does not like to spend lot of time in the kitchen. I too fall under the same category. Till date, I make and pack my lunch box by self. So I had to constantly come up with quick and easy recipes. My colleagues ask me about my lunch box first before greeting and after eating, appreciation followed.

This blog is for everyone who loves to eat and loves to cook without spending lot of time in kitchen. All recipes are simple and can be made with ingredients easily available in anyone’s kitchen. The recipes with step-by-step pics and tips & tricks is an advantage to make them easily.

All recipes shared here are tried and tested by me several times in my very own kitchen and relished by my family and friends . 

Like everyone else, I too like restaurant food. The extra oil, cooking process and the secret ingredients make each dish special and fall in love with it. My passion made me try the dishes at home and makes me proud to say, that my recipes are close to restaurant style. Now, you can make them at home without worrying about hygiene.