4 Tips to make Non-sticky Sabudana Khichdi

Tip 1

The key to non-sticky Sabudana Khichdi is to soak the sabudana pearls correctly.  Rinse the sabudana under running water until the water runs clear.

Tip 2

Then, transfer it to a bowl and add enough water to cover the sabudana completely. Let it soak for 4-6 hours or overnight. The sabudana should be well-soaked but still retain its shape and texture.

Tip 3

Once the sabudana is drained, fluff it gently with a fork or spoon to separate the pearls. This step helps to prevent clumping and ensures even cooking.

Tip 4

While cooking the sabudana, continue to gently stir and fluff it with a spatula or spoon. This helps to prevent clumping and ensures even heat distribution.

Tip 5

Mixing roasted peanuts powder with soaked sabudana: This step is rarely followed but it helps in getting rid of additional moisture from the drenched sabudana, if any.